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MUSIC: Erik's music career includes being a music recording artist on Mercury Records (Novacaine), Universal Records (Blind Fish), Magnatone (Sleeping Dogs), Coolsville Interscope (The Blue Hawaiians), and Sony Classical Japan (Erik Godal). Other album projects include his solo music as the artist D3cades. Erik is also a noted composer for film and television, serving clients such as Sony, Warner Bros, Nickelodeon, National Geographic, MTV, Cartoon Network, History Channel, Spike, OGN, and First Look, and including such commercial hits as Spongebob Squarepants, as well as scoring for e-sports and video game concerts and events such as the PUBG National League. Erik has also scored national ads, including super bowl commercials. As a record producer, he has produced albums for major label recording artists and served as a session player on various major artists' recordings. Erik continues to compose select scores along with the release of a new solo album under the name D3cades, a compilation album of new songs along with previously unreleased material spanning across three decades.  D3cades, along with other bands, can be found at Emboss Records, ( and Spotify or Apple Music.
For music, click links below:

Lion Warriors Score: Elikan & 2 Brothers

Lion Warriors Score: Lions And Hope

What Love Is Score: Sal's Cool

What Love Is: Like Jazz

Ready Or Not Score: Journey

Fish Score: Marlin Theme

Pagasa Score: Poem

Pagasa Score: Celebrate

Erik Godal Nocturne in C

D3cades: Landfill

D3cades: Something

D3cades: Blue Sky

Sleeping Dogs: Hair of the Dog

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