Recent novels: Book one of The Conundrum of Infinity, a contemporary epic fantasy/adventure/sci-fi/life after death/historical fiction/time travel book series set in an immersive afterlife universe. Past novels include Brighton's Tea and Black Box

August 30, 2023 
Released today: Author interview and book excerpt for The Conundrum of Infinity on Armed with A Book blog. Please click the image below to link to the interview and excerpt.


Has a Catalie whispered in your ear lately? 
Life after death isn’t what we think it is.  
After death, some of us will become Catalie, souls who walk among us like ghosts with the power to shape the future through whispered words. They are the mechanics of free will, who not only roam the earth but also face their own challenges in the Halcyons, located in between our universe and that of Elysium. The Catalie live for thousands of years and can also walk in time, but only into the past, and they can only affect the future from the present.
The Doriers, the former ruling class in Halcyon, have been forced into hiding after being ousted by Mani, a failed prophet who once lived on Earth in 200 AD and was entrusted with safekeeping an encrypted code from another universe.
The story follows Hunter, who dies in a present-day accident and becomes a Catalie, and Nika, the young woman whose soul becomes entangled with Hunter, after surviving the same accident and becoming Heavenly twins. Upon arriving in Halcyon, Hunter discovers that he and Nika are being called upon to help secure the code due to their being Heavenly twins, a rare and unique occurrence.
The first book in an enthralling epic adventure series filled with historical characters, new worlds, power struggles, sacrifice, quantum mechanics, the design of the greater universe, and the mysteries of life after death.  This is a must-read for fans of sci-fi and fantasy.

The Conundrum of Infinity will be available on Amazon Books in Q2 of 2023. 

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